Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fish Dinner

A platter of fish for dinner is that much better when you brought the fish in yourself :) Plus it's a lot less expensive too :)

Funday to the Tetons

ACMNP went to the Tetons today to hike to Cascade Canyon. It was a gorgeous hike, especially since the weather has been so good to us here lately as well. We also got in some good trail running and ended our hike by finding a big rock on the lake and jumping in :). The rest of our evening was spent in Jackson where we ate wonderful Mexican food, topped it off with a blizzard from DQ, and then shared our testimonies with each other. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Fish!!

So I didn't actually catch this fish, but it was my first fish that I ever gutted! Scott gave me a fish that he caught, helped me gut it, and soon I'll take it to the hotel dining room so they can prepare it for me!! Until then, it's sitting in Amy's bath tub on ice. :)

The Lake Crew

Love this group of people :)

Hellroaring Creek

This is a perfect Sunday afternoon hike! I love the Tower Roosevelt area. :)

Hot tubbing in the Hot Springs

Barrett, Hannah, and I made our way to a natural hot spring for a relaxing evening of hot tubbing :). My only advice: bring bug spray because the mosquitoes can be terrible!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Otters and Trout Lake

Barrett and I went to Trout lake in hopes of photographing an otter who lives there. We spent our time waiting by watching the fish who were spawning as they tried swimming up the small stream that feeds into the lake! We sat alongside the lake as fisherman tried their luck, a buffalo grazed close by, and I dabbled with my watercolors for a bit. But as soon a the otter came out, it was fun to see Barrett go to work! He jumped up with his camera as the otter dove through the water and chased the fish in the shallow waters. Eventually he caught one and drug it to the other side of the lake where he munched happily on it. :) That was probably one of the neatest things I've seen! It was also nice that we saw 5 wolves and 5 bears on the way there and back :)

Shoshone Lake

Hiking around Shoshone Lake was our first backpacking trip of the summer!! We hiked around the entire lake, which came to about 30 miles. We forded rivers, lost our trail, waded through bogs, hiked through a backcountry geyser basin, saw a porcupine, almost didn't make it to our campsite, slept without a rain fly on our tent, and had a freaking awesome time!!! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Girls Day Out

So usually when you think of a girls day out, it most often involves going to the spa, getting your nails done, or shopping. But Liz and I don't really roll that way, so our idea of a girls day out is road tripping to Grand Teton National Park and getting a good Sunday afternoon hike in! It was our first trip to the Tetons this summer, and they were absolutely breathtaking! We hiked to hidden falls and inspiration point, enjoying the trail that took us along Jenny Lake. Afterwards, we took our sack dinners to the base of the mountains and soaked up the warm sun and sat in awe of the view. It was a completely perfect day! And of course, no girls day could be complete without jamming out to Call Me Maybe on our way home :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fine Dining

Happy birthday Zack! We got reservations at the dining room here at the lake hotel and had an excellent dinner with an amazing team :). I totally recommend the cheesecake :)