Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hedges Peak

So Barrett's last name is Hedges, and he's been wanting to climb "his mountain" for the past couple of seasons. So he and I climbed Hedges Peak, and it was fun to bush wack our way up since there was no trail at all!

Taco Bus!!!

So there's this awesome place in West Yellowstone called the Taco Bus. It's literally an old school bus that has been turned into a small Mexican Restaurant. After eating EDR food for the longest time, a chimichanga tasted so good!!!

Sphinx Mountain and the Helmet

We did a sweet hike near the Big Sky area in Montana!! While summiting a mountain is super exhausting, the view at the top is always unmatchable!

Canyon North Rim

I love a good hike after work! And what's even better is that Daniel is now living here at Lake!! :)


It's been so long since I've played a good game of cards!!! But Barrett's family was in for a few days, and they're also a card playing family! Definitely made me think of home!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Minute Camping

Originally, our plans for the weekend were to hike Electric Peak. But with thunderstorms on their way, we decided to do something that might be a little bit safer than hiking the mountain that's known for so many lightening strikes on it. So I went camping on Shadow mountain with Liz, Karlie, and John. We didn't get to our site until midnight, but the view in the morning was breathtaking! To make things even better, we also got to wake up to John making us pancakes on his little camp stove, accompanied by a good cup of coffee. :) We decided to hike to Hermitage point in the Colter Bay area and then took a nap once we reached our destination. The day was perfectly relaxing and enjoyable. And to wrap it up, we stopped on our way back and had Thai Pizza!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Swimming in the Firehole River

The Firehole is really awesome because it's naturally heated from the hot springs and geysers upstream that overflow into it. For our Sunday afternoon we went for a swim and enjoyed some time in the sun :)

Girls Day Out

We decided to make our way into Jackson in hopes of fixing Liz's car. However, no mechanic was open on Saturday. But we still had a sweet time! First we shopped for a bit where I bought a new pair of hiking boots, then we headed out to Phelps lake to enjoy a nice rainy hike and some cliff jumping! And for the first time in 2 months, I had Thai!!! It was a perfect after hike meal. :) But if course no girls night would be complete without splitting 3 different desserts before heading home :)

Union Falls

By far, my favorite day hike so far! :). Liz, Marshall, and I decided to do a long hike together to Union Falls. The falls are probably the most beautiful in the entire park! :). The trail itself was great, including a few fords, which is nothing new for us. However, the best part of the trail was a naturally heated swimming hole that spurred off the trail! We swam for a little while there, and it was great since we had the entire trail all to ourselves all day!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Apparently Yellowstone is one of the safest places to hitchhike. Daniel and I were on our way to Gardiner, and a couple of girls from Taiwan needed a ride to Mammoth. It was great to get to know a little bit about them and hear about their time in Yellowstone during our short ride together. :)

A Night of Swing Dancing

Daniel and I headed up to Gardiner to visit the Mclaughlins. They were having friends over for an evening of sand volleyball, ice cream, and swing dancing! It was such a good time, and I loved getting a couple of dances in with Daniel as he tried to teach me a few moves. I even got to dance with a guy who flipped me! A little scary, but so much fun!