Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Minute Camping

Originally, our plans for the weekend were to hike Electric Peak. But with thunderstorms on their way, we decided to do something that might be a little bit safer than hiking the mountain that's known for so many lightening strikes on it. So I went camping on Shadow mountain with Liz, Karlie, and John. We didn't get to our site until midnight, but the view in the morning was breathtaking! To make things even better, we also got to wake up to John making us pancakes on his little camp stove, accompanied by a good cup of coffee. :) We decided to hike to Hermitage point in the Colter Bay area and then took a nap once we reached our destination. The day was perfectly relaxing and enjoyable. And to wrap it up, we stopped on our way back and had Thai Pizza!

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