Friday, May 18, 2012

Lena and Lena

After work we planned yet another hike just here around the Lake area (and I really hope we keep this going through the whole summer). At the trail head, we were warned that bears are really common throughout this area. It was a beautiful hike along the shore, with our trail going through the forest, along the cliffs, across the meadow, and along the beach. We spent some time exploring along the water and taking in the scenery. As we left the beach, we all stopped in our tracks when we heard terrifying screams. Without a word, all of us turned around and ran towards the sounds. We met two girls, Lena and Lena, who had just ran into a couple of bears. They were ok, but definitely shook up. So we asked them to hike the rest of the way with us :). Thy were both from Germany, studying in Colorado, and it was great to spend some time with them! Apparently the bears were where we had just hiked! We then wrapped up our night watching the sun set from the beach of Pelican Trail. Yeah, I could do this everyday :)

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