Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our weekend at Mammoth

We had our park wide meeting with the other ACMNPers over Memorial Day weekend. So our crew decided to camp up at Mammoth for the night, and Daniel was nice enough to let most of us sleep on his floor. We tried to hike Osprey Falls while we were there, but the snow was too bad and we settled for the Beaver Pond Loop instead, which was still a really nice hike. We then wrapped up our night with a few games of pool at the Two Bit Saloon. After a big sleepover in the Mammoth Employee dorm, we made our way to the Tower Roosevelt area the next morning with some of the staff members at Mammoth. We hiked Lost Lake trail and saw elk and bison frolicking in the meadows we hiked through. The Tower area is beautiful, and we saw 3 bears while we were there! After our morning hike, we went to our meeting of what the rest of our summer would look like with ACMNP! A church in Gardiner then hosted us for dinner and we had steaks and all kinds of good food that they had prepared for us!! It was a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to go back to visit again!

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