Sunday, September 23, 2012

Overseas Student Teaching Training

I spent the weekend in Indiana with Beth, Brittney, Nadia, and Shannon for the CCTECC orientation to prepare us for our overseas student teaching. There, we met other students from all over the country who were going to be teaching in other international schools. The experience was great, and I feel a little more prepared for Cameroon in the spring! One really cool moment was when I first walked into the large room where we gathered for seminars and saw Hannah Moore!! We worked together with ACMNP in Yellowstone this summer!!! We had no idea that the other was going to be at this seminar! So that was a real treat :). It was nice to spend some time out on the lake during our breaks, getting to know some of the other teachers. We all also enjoyed an evening trip out to Ivanhoes for some ice cream :). This weekend was great, and I'm getting so pumped for Cameroon!!!

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