Thursday, September 26, 2013

Learning Albanian

Who knew learning a language could be so fun??  We've turned learning Albanian into a game board that we created!


It's great when the whole family can create the game and play together!  Since Albanian isn't related to any other languages, it makes it a little more challenging!!  But with help from our neighbor, Vera, and building off of a basic language structure, I can say some (incredibly) basic phrases!!


Here's our game board!  On it is the stairs, bathroom, bedroom, and living room.  Above it are different people: me, he, we, and they.  We've been making different combinations to know who is on the stairs or in the bedroom.

If you were curious, "Unë jam ne dhoma e pritjes".  ...I'm in the living room. :)

1 comment:

  1. Albanian looks so hard! Haitian Creole is like the easiest language ever, so I can't relate too much. But that games looks so awesome! You guys are so cool! I love your blog and facebook updates. Keep up the good work for Jesus. =]