Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tour Tirana

Welcome to Tirana!!!  We enjoyed a lovely view from Sky Tower where we sipped on a cup of cappuccino in the rotating restaurant, getting a full view of the city

It was great to have Nathan and Cydil give us a tour of the city!!!  There were plenty of interesting sights to see.  Some of these included:

The pyramid that was built for Hoxha, the past dictator of Albania.  It has been slowly degrading over the years of neglect.
This is one of the many bunkers that was built when Albania was under communism.  There was one of these for every four Albanians in the country, because they were told that America would invade the country.  Thankfully today, Albania loves Americans!  

We also saw a knock off of KFC: Albanian Fried Chicken.  And if you're familiar with the show Cheers, we found a sign for the bar here in Tirana!  If you're not familiar with "The Albanian Song" from Cheers, you should definitely YouTube that, but it may be stuck in your head for the next couple of days. :)



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