Friday, May 2, 2014

A Creative Outlet

I'm a terrible photographer…it's a fact.  But it's great that I'm surrounded by them!  My mom and sister both love it and try to encourage me as well.  I get consistent reminders from them to make sure I 'm actually using the camera they gave me before coming to Albania. (And yes you two, I am.)  And I don't even have to go on about Cydil and Anna who take some of the most gorgeous pictures I have seen!  :)

Being a decent photographer would definitely come in handy as a traveler, but I'm a painter.  If you want to know the places that meant a lot to me, take a look at what I've painted.  Maybe taking a picture would be a little easier at times, but I love the intentional act of creating a painting.

What's your creative outlet?  And yes, I actually took these photos myself.  :)

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