Monday, May 12, 2014

An Albanian Scavenger Hunt

Before leaving for Albania, we had an awesome going away party with some of our friends who joined us for coffee and dessert.  Each of us had a journal where our friends took time throughout the evening to write their own little entires to us.  This was wonderful to read throughout my time here in Albania, as most people wrote encouraging words that I could reflect on throughout the past few months.  However, one entry was titled: The Most Dangerous Game.  :)  After a quick Google search, my friends Seth and Erin gave me a few tasks to complete before returning to the States!

1. High-five a stranger (another culturally acceptable gesture may be substituted)
So I guess I'm off to a bad start, because I never really high-fived any strangers… However, I did KISS a lot of strangers! It's the common greeting in Albania to kiss each cheek of the women when you're saying hello.  So I definitely participated in that on an everyday basis!  In fact, it's such a common thing now, I have a feeling I may automatically do that when I get home to the States, which could definitely surprise a few people.  :)

2. Get a T-shirt of the Albanian flag

The Albanian flag is on almost every single souvenir you could want!  I decided not to buy a T-shirt, but I did pick up multiple other souvenirs that have the double headed eagle on it!  You can definitely say that Albanians are very patriotic!

3. Get a picture of yourself on-stage at the Ancient Amphitheater of Butrint

4. Don't get arrested doing this, maybe?
Check.  :)

5. Don't get involved in a blood feud (this is a Gimme.)
No worries here!

6. Learn an Albanian fold song AND SING IT TO US.  I'd prefer an epic.
This is an Albanian children's song that we often heard while working at the orphanage in Tirana.

 7. Learn how to make a delicious local food (gjellë?)

Instead of gjellë, I decided that I wanted to learn how to make one of my favorite desserts: baklava!! This is my dear friend Eda and the baklava she made us for New Years. She and her mother taught Anna and I how to make it ourselves!  Now we can't wait to try it when we're back home!

Seth, I hope this satisfies all of the scavenger hunt requirements!!  :)

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