Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Fresh Perspective

There is no doubt that I absolutely love living here in Albania.  It is a gorgeous place filled with ancient history that gives me a new excitement to read through Paul's letters- knowing that he walked through this very country, breathtaking landscapes that give me inspiration to paint again, and people who have beautiful and open hearts that have so easily accepted my friendship.  I'm so thankful to call my little apartment in the heart of Tirana "home".

However, once I've settled into a routine with the same tasks and sights, those new experiences began to lose their luster.  There's nothing wrong with getting into a routine, in fact, I love feeling at home in a new place.  But when that routine allows me to lose sight of what makes this place so beautiful, I know I need an intervention.

A small group from Asbury came and visited our humble little village for 10 days over their spring break, and the way they approached the country and the people gave me a fresh and exciting new way to see what we do here in Albania.  I suddenly began to experience the beauty of this country all over again.

Short term mission trips are a wonderful encouragement and experience, especially now that I've seen it from both sides.  I've been greatly impacted by the trips I've participated in through school, and am incredibly encouraged by having been visited by one now.  So to the six of you who decided to spend your Spring Break in a tiny little country in the Balkans, thank you.  You have given me a fresh and new perspective on Albania, and I am grateful for that.

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