Friday, April 25, 2014

Spirit Week!!

If you grew up in the public school system, like me, you probably got to experience a few Spirit Weeks during your time!  This may have included Tall Socks and Ties Tuesday, Western Wednesday, or School Spirit Friday.  It was always a fun time when our entire student body would participate, building up our excitement during the week for a big homecoming football game.  

Today is our last Friday of school!!  Hard to believe that the time has flown by so quickly, but these kids have done such an incredible job!!   Ellie has one of the most incredible memories of any child I have ever met!  She has learned all of her states this year and could probably tell you what most state birds are as well as an assortment of random facts about each!  Her comprehension and abstract thinking in our science lessons astounds me most days.  She is incredibly creative and I have enjoyed her story telling and advanced drawing techniques (a lot of cockatiels).  This year, Reni has learned to read on a first grade level, and he also began writing just this year and can write without always being prompted.  He can also add, subtract, and count to 100 by his 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.  He is my little aspiring artist too.  Have I mentioned he's only 4?!

Monday: Pajama Day
It's only appropriate to take a nap since we already have our comfy clothes on, right?

Tuesday: Superhero Day
Our superheroes are Mrs. Frizle, The Hulk, Earth Girl, and The Black Widow.

Wednesday: Backwards Day
Everyone wore their clothes backwards and our schedule was in reverse.  I'm pretty sure the kids found our classes more exciting, even though they were the same thing, just at different times of the day.  :)

Thursday: History Day
Blast from the Past!  We have Frida Kahlo, a Pirate, Betsy Ross, and Julius Caesar.

Friday: Albania Spirit Day!
I wish I had a cool Albanian jersey like the kids were sporting, but we wore our red and black colors for the day, listened to the Albanian National Anthem, and had the Albanian music radio station on.  One of our friends suggested that we should teach in Shqip for the day…  :)

I'm glad I have been able to learn more about the homeschool system, and it was a great stretch on my educational career while teaching more than just my field I studied in.  This year has been such an incredible blessing with these kiddos! 

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  1. What a fun week--you gals are awesome! Ellie & Reni must have had a fantastic year!!